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I am currently working on a central hub for all of my projects, which will be:

*Click the link above to check out the Home Page.
Everything that I am doing including Acid Saints, will be able to be accessed through

However, you will still be able to directly access by going directly to that address. I will have more on this later as things progress.
Thanks for stopping by.

*Contact Information

9/6/18 current contact info:

*To contact me about Writing or Co-Writing, Licensing Opportunities, Recording Tracks, or Collaborating on anything music related: Please use this link to get the most up to date contact information----> /CONTACT

*Writing,and Recording...


"Songs for the Apocalypse:VOLUMES 1-4" is the current Acid Saints record that I am working on. Things are moving along extremely well, and I will have a more detailed update very soon.

*Every once in a while, I will be posting a "Random Song" above this section. 
It may be a demo, an instrumental track, a sketch of a song, or a 4-track demo from 1994. Either will be random.
I will also be asking for feedback on these tunes, to determine if any of them are worthy of going FULL-SONG by giving them a modern re-birth. 

Rough draft of Volume I Artwork.

*Photo Courtesy of Grace Rivera

Rough draft of Volume I Artwork.

*Photo Courtesy of Grace Rivera

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